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HR Services for the World of WordPress

It’s clear that leading teams and HR involves complexity, especially when you’re driven to push your products forward. Let us take care of the ‘people’ part, so you can devote your attention to what you excel at.


We take care of any of your recruiting needs. Leverage our extensive network and expertise in the WordPress community to access top talent.


We offer a faster and more effective way to integrate new hires into your company with a collection of ready-made procedures, tools and templates.


The right kind of team culture will increase employee engagement and build high-performing teams. We get you there.


Policies, templates, performance management. The core functions of HR that you need without having to do your own research.

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Turning people challenges into opportunities.

Finding the Right Talent in a Competitive Market

Balancing Product Development with Team Management

Establishing a Strong Company Culture

Implementing HR Best Practices

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We’re building 100-year companies in WordPress.

If you knew your company was going to be around for the next 100 years, how would you set it up for success? What would you start? What would you stop? What would you change?

Let’s build the future of your team, together.

Self-Directed or Guided

Modular Services & Tools


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