HR Reimagined

Future of Team

Future of Team aims to streamline HR for Growth: Tailored Recruitment, Culture Building, and Leadership Tools for WordPress Businesses.

Future of Team started out as TeamWP in 2022, founded by James Giroux. In 2023 Remkus de Vries joined the team which kickstarted the process of a rebrand and a refined and complete direction.

The Team


We help (WordPress) companies grow up by elevating their people operations. We believe the way to get there is by building open, people-first organizations. 

We want to help companies mature. We want to help you move from someone who “just” manages a few people to an open, people-first organization that attracts talent and improves your reputation inside and outside the WordPress ecosystem. 

It’s our mission to propel the professionalism of WordPress companies to the next level through our services and tools. 


Our vision is to see the ideals that make open, people-first organizations such great environments to work in become the standard for how the WordPress community interacts and engages with each other. Yes, we like to think big.