Our Journey from TeamWP to Future of Team: A New Chapter Begins

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TeamWP has rebranded to Future of Team, welcoming new co-founder Remkus de Vries. Focusing on Recruitment, Experience, and Growth, we are committed to enhancing workplace culture. Don’t miss our new Future of Team podcast with James Giroux and Dee Teal, where we discuss leadership, culture, and thriving workplace environments.

What a ride it’s been! Just over a year ago, we quietly launched TeamWP, setting out to pioneer the first independent employee engagement survey tailored for the WordPress ecosystem. Our aim? To lay down a foundation that would help companies measure and compare team culture—an endeavour we introduced at WordCamp Asia and whose results we were lucky to present at WordCamp Europe in Athens.

Since then, things have taken an exciting turn. From the hopeful beginnings, through a period of intentional quiet, to a vibrant rebirth, our journey has been anything but ordinary.

TeamWP was my brainchild, born not out of a desire for quick success, but from a vision to make a lasting impact on how we work and thrive together. This project was never about the glitz or the financial gains; it was about building something meaningful—slowly and surely.

But life has a way of throwing curveballs, and soon after our launch, I found myself jobless. This unexpected turn forced me to rethink and accelerate what I had envisioned as a long-term project. I needed to transform TeamWP into something that not only served our ideals but also provided practical solutions right now.

This pivot meant looking for the right product-market fit—an endeavor that proved more challenging than anticipated. It was clear that the tools we were passionate about were ahead of their time for many in our community.


During this phase of searching for the right direction, I was fortunate enough to appear on a podcast about WordPress, “Within WordPress,” where I met Remkus de Vries. Remkus, with his extensive experience in HR and people operations, brought insights that resonated deeply with my own. Our conversation didn’t end with the podcast. What started as a professional interaction blossomed into a partnership fueled by shared goals and visions.

As we discussed the possibilities, the idea of joining forces became inevitable. Remkus didn’t just understand the vision; he was ready to build on it. We took our time, discussed our philosophies, and explored how we could align our efforts to craft something extraordinary.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Remkus de Vries is officially joining me as a co-founder of what will now be known as Future of Team. This new name reflects our expanded vision, not limited to the WordPress ecosystem but encompassing a broader focus on creating open, people-first workplaces.

With Remkus on board, we embarked on a rebranding journey. The concept of ‘the future of work’ is widely discussed in terms of technology and methodologies. However, at Future of Team, we believe it’s not about the work itself but about the teams that do the work. It’s about the culture, the environment, and the human elements that make workplaces thrive.

Our new services are designed around three core areas: Recruitment, Experience, and Growth. These are built on the foundation of what we’ve developed and learned but are directed towards an even broader impact. We’re excited to roll these out, along with continuing the initiatives that have already begun to reshape how companies engage with their teams.

One more thing…

Future of Team Podcast banner.

And there’s a bit more—our new podcast. I’m joined by the incredible Dee Teal, who brings her extensive experience in leadership and people management into every episode. It’s another way we’re reaching out to share insights, stories, and ideas that can help all of us build better, more open places to work.

We’re just getting started, and there’s so much more to come. I invite you all to join us on this journey, to explore what the future of team really means, and to help us shape a world where workplaces are not just about work, but about people flourishing together.

Here’s to new beginnings.