Creating A Team Charter


By the end of this workshop, the team will have collaboratively developed a team charter that provides clear direction and expectations for the team.

Materials Needed

Video conferencing tool (for remote teams), digital whiteboard or shared document, downloadable PDF template for team charter.


2-3 hours

This could be shorter or longer depending on the size of your team.


  • Preparation: Before the workshop, download the Team Charter Workshop Agenda PDF. Review it to familiarize yourself with the flow of the workshop.
  • Introduction (15 minutes): Start the workshop by explaining the concept and importance of a team charter. Discuss how it serves as a roadmap for the team’s work and interactions, providing clear direction and expectations. Use examples if needed.
  • Individual Reflection (15 minutes): Ask each team member to spend a few minutes thinking about what they believe should be included in the team charter. This might include the team’s mission, objectives, roles, and decision-making processes. Encourage them to write down their ideas. Check out our specific workshop tool for Team Norms.
  • Sharing Ideas (30 minutes): Go around the virtual room and have each team member share one or two of their ideas. As the team leader, note these down on a shared digital whiteboard or document.
  • Group Discussion (45 minutes): Once all ideas have been shared, facilitate a group discussion to refine and consolidate them into a set of proposed elements for the team charter. Encourage open and respectful discussion. Use the Workshop Agenda PDF to guide this discussion.
  • Voting on Charter Elements (30 minutes): After the discussion, have the team vote on each proposed charter element. Aim for consensus, but be prepared to facilitate decision-making if needed.
  • Documenting the Team Charter (15 minutes): Once the team charter elements have been agreed upon, document them. Make sure all team members have access to this document.
  • Closing and Next Steps (10 minutes): Close the workshop by discussing how the team will uphold the charter and what steps will be taken if the charter is not followed. Encourage team members to keep the charter in mind during their day-to-day work and to hold each other accountable.

Remember to take breaks as needed during the workshop to keep everyone engaged and prevent fatigue. The times provided are estimates and may vary depending on your team’s size and dynamics.

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Download Our Team Charter Workshop Agenda

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Expected Outcomes

A collaboratively developed team charter that provides clear direction and expectations for the team. Improved understanding and alignment on the team’s purpose, objectives, and norms.

Associated Metrics

Improved team alignment and collaboration, increased clarity on team purpose and objectives, reduced conflicts.